Ontario Safety League Awards A Formula 1

Why Choose A Formula 1?

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Dear Sir or Madam:

The most recent audit conducted by the Ontario safety League indicates that A Formula 1 driving School had no violations of the Ministry-approved course content and delivery standards. To date the OSL had conducted 274 Inspections and found 12 course providers without violations and you are one of the 12.

I wish to congratulate you on achieving this distinction and trust that you continue to deliver the high standard of education to the students and contribute to making Ontario’s roads the safest in North America.

Your commitment to following the course content and delivery standards is appreciated as they were developed to ensure the Ministry of Transportation’s commitment, along with its partnership safety, the Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Ontario Safety League, in improving road user safety.

In today’s complex driving environment the beginner driver requires prerequisite knowledge and skill. Beginner driver education is an important first phase of road user safety and it is critical to provide opportunities for beginner drivers to receive a wide range of knowledge, skills and retraining.

Your commitment to this objective is appreciated and it is with partners like you that we can make our roads safer.

Yours truly,

A.L(Bert) Killian
President and General Manager
Ontario Safety League