2020: Introducing Canada’s First Electric Vehicle Driving School

I’ve been lecturing about the evils of the fossil fuel industry for over  31 years of professionally teaching driver education.  Our planet is at a critical mass, Global Warming is a fact!  We are in DANGER!  NOW is the time for ACTION!  We purchased our first electric car to teach you in, a zero-emission vehicle.  We are Canada’s FIRST Electric Vehicle Driving School!

By 2040, fortunately at least 75% of all vehicles will be zero-emission. In an effort to join forces with Pope Francis, Greta Thunberg, and the Green Alliance, (law makers of B.C., Quebec, and all of European Union EU).
A Formula 1 Driving School NOW takes action to SAVE our beautiful planet. In an effort to SAVE our children, animals, and ecosystems, we have committed to teaching you & Our Children in a fully sustainable battery electric vehicle (BEV). We are phasing out the dirty harmful  internal combustion engine (ICE), that is so outdated, and lethal, it has now gone like the ICE age!  May we join forces  to eradicate polluting carcinogenic fossil-fuels which funnels wealth to only  1% of humanity?   Let’s keep this blue planet BLUE!  DRIVE with us on our MISSION to SAVE our planet, and our CHILDREN’s LIVES!  Together, let’s educate them about sustainable options, a smart healthy lifestyle, and to love our planet, and one-another!

WHICH of YOU,  will GET  INTO the CAR, and  take the Driver’s Seat with me on this journey?

Come join US, and GET INTO our EV CAR!  After all,  our KIDS are worth it!


Jeff C. Pope,
Owner, Master Instructor
A Formula 1 Driving School
(416) 888-1227