G1, G2 & G Tests

G1 Written Permits/Tests:

A Formula 1 Driving School Instructors are highly skilled when it comes to test training.  Firstly the driving student should obtain the G1 license. A Formula 1 does not administer the G1 written test.  But Drivetest.ca does. Search for one closest to you. To study for the G1 read the Ministry Driver’s Handbook:  type in “The Official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver’s Handbook: ontario.ca/document/official-mto-drivers-handbook
Read about the first 70 pages. You will be tested on 40 questions, 20 on the meaning of our Road Signs, and 20 on Driving Law Theory. The signs are very easy, so read and reread the law theory parts. You need to pass with a minimum of 16/20 on both parts in order to pass you G1.  The G1 test is only at Drivetest.ca centers, no appointment is necessary, they’re open from 7am-7pm.  It’s best to go early morning or later in the day a couple hours before closing.  Bring suitable ID such as a valid passport, and if you get one section wrong, you may ask to redo that section with an alternate test.


This 15 minute driving test regarded by many as the most difficult requires your skill to be well practiced, recently trained, by the best in the business (us). The Drivetest Examiner will require you to demonstrate a smooth driving skill, and perform manoeuvres: parallel parking, 3-point turn, uphill & downhill parking, forward and reverse parking, left and right turns, lane changes, proper observation, speed limits, and flow with traffic.  A Formula 1 Driving School is highly skilled at helping students prepare, practice, book, and attend the G2 test.  In order to prepare students should consult up as to what test centers are currently passing the most applicants, and at which test centers to book your test.  Prepare lots of time in advance, book your test 1-3 months ahead of time then let’s plan a package of 3,5,7,10 or more lessons to help you get started.

G Test:

Right now the G highway test is much easier and half as long as it has been. The Drivetest company were so far behind tests due to Covid that they literally made the tests 20 minutes long, and incorporate highway merging on and off ramps, lane changes at high speed,  proper observation and of course forward/reverse parking at the end. The Ministry demands that you practice highway driving a minimum of 5 times within the last 90 days.  As this is only a minimum, I recommend lessons 5 weeks prior, One
lesson per week where we can assist you with regular high speed merging situations, as well as practice all types of front and reverse parking.  I’m also a phobia specialist and can help students that are extra nervous at higher speeds.  Most students book 5, 10 or 15 lessons prior to their G highway test.  Ask how to book it & prepare now!

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