Covid-19 Virus linked to Tailpipe emissions in Italy

According to the 2019 Netflix doc: “Dirty Money”, Volkswagen created phoney software to cheat the legal amount of tailpipe Nitrogen Oxides being expelled by its’ Diesels by between 40-400%. VW was caught only because the California CARB agency regulating pollution, tested and retested exhaust emissions from VW diesels being marketed as mythical “clean diesel”, all the time being fed lies by VW management. Oxides of Nitrogen are regulated by the EU, BUT enforcement is up to individual countries.  If enforcement was stringent like CA’s CARB agency, perhaps 50,000 deaths would be preventable yearly from asthma, emphysema,  and other respiratory illnesses throughout Europe. EU countries were worried about losing valuable car manufacturing jobs, so ALL European car manufacturers of diesels were not tested, the EU members turned a blind eye to likely over polluting diesel manufacturers: VW, Audi, Mercedes, Fiat, Citroen etc
A CBC News report cited a scientistific studying this Covid-19 molecule, saw that it particularly bonded with Nitrogen Oxide, creating a toxic cocktail of smog, and the Covid virus became airborne particularly in northern Italy, which Italians breathed in daily. The first victim, Patient ONE, was an Italian 28-year old male jogger. His diagnosis was botched by his Doctor. He was thrice denied a proper diagnosis, and treatment, all the while infecting medical staff, and patients, everyone he came in contact with. He had regularly been jogging throughout the industrial triangle of Modena, Milan, and Turin, a thick smog infected northern region. The outbreak began, and it was devastating! We are still suffering worldwide from this pandemic. During this time of isolation we need to pause and consider the future. Do we need a return to fossil fuel vehicles? NO! Unless we want to save lives now, for the good of the planet, we must embrace the electrification of all vehicles TODAY!
Batteries may be charged via sustainable energy: wind, tidal, solar.  We already have this technology. You may buy an electric vehicle today! I just bought and will teach your family in a zero emission vehicle. The price is right, the TIME is NOW. Dear Reader, it’s time to ACT, or, go back to Carnage-AS-Usual.
Jeff C. Pope