Driving Courses

G2 Driving Courses (Automatic and Manual):

A Formula 1 Driving School teaches a new 4-session classroom course each Saturday in Maple. We also offer Special 4-Day courses during the Christmas Break, March Break, end of exams in June, July holiday course, and a Back to School Special at the end of August.

The course includes 10 hours of driving an automatic or standard transmission vehicle which qualifies for the insurance discount, in conjunction with in-class lessons. Package rates apply. For automatic drivers, a conversion course featuring two, 2-hour lessons on manual, on average, will successfully graduate you to learn safe driving in ANY manual vehicle.

Corporate Training:

Fleet training is provided in either company owned/leased vehicles, or in our in late-model 4-door sedans. Training may be conducted from your corporate headquarters, or at our main office here in Maple. If deemed appropriate, your Fleet Drivers may contact A Formula 1 directly to set up retraining evaluations by calling Jeff Pope at 416-888-1227. Also available are Defensive Driving Seminars which may accompany fleet training directed to reducing RISK of collisions, Reduce property damage, Injuries, Lost Employment time, and Drastically Reduce your Fleet’s Insurance Premiums. Also Seminars featuring Auto$smart, Drive$ave, Winter, City, Country, and Freeway Seminars, Trucking Safety, Basic Maintenance, Circle Checks, Road Preparation, Driver Improvement and D.I.C. and D.D.C. courses are some of the featured seminars available.

Fleet Licenses A, B, C, D, E, F, and Z Air Brake Fleet Training are also available. Call for specific course rates.

Refresher Courses:

The 1-20 hours of retraining designed for the licensed driver. Typically either senior citizens, those involved in a collision, or for drivers which have let their skills lapse. Package rates apply for 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20-hours of retraining preparation. Please call for details and rates.

Driver Improvement Courses:

Designed for licensed drivers mandated by the Ministry to attend on condition of license revocation. Course features 4-6 hours of defensive theory, and 1-3 hours of driving evaluation. Defensive Driving Canada courses are also available. This fulfills the requirements mandated by the attorney general to prevent suspension of and reinstate the driver’s license.

Click here to download theĀ application form for all driving courses.

Please call Jeff at 416.888.1227 for specific rates and times for all driving courses.